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Medina del Campo is also one of the best places for one to enjoy Spa Tourism. You mustn’t miss Palacio de las Salinas (The Palace of the Salt Mines). References exist as far back as the 17th Century claiming that, at the barren salt mine land (the place where the present-day Palace is located), water dammed up when the land was saturated by heavy rainfall and, when the sun evaporated
said water, a whitish sediment was left – the salt deposits. 


After a long period of not being taken advantage of, in the 19th Century the senator Manuel Ortiz de Pinedo bought said land to exploit the curing properties of the water there. These are waters which are rich in chloride, sodium, sulfur, bromide, and iodine – considered to be the only waters with these specific properties in all of Spain.

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Selección 051


Carretera de las Salinas Km. 4

47400 Medina del Campo

Valladolid – España



(+34) 983 804 450


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