Medieval fortress, Medina del Campo, Valladolid (Spain)




The first medieval city centre of Medina del Campo was founded around the 11th century on the hill (mota in Spanish), where nowadays is the castle. The repopulation of the town and the trade activity made the inhabitants move closer to the river to establish themselves and leave the fortified hill. King Juan II of Castile, his children king Enrique IV and queen Isabella “the Catholic” and her husband Fernando “the Catholic” built the Castle of La Mota in the 15th century.

It´s one of the biggest castles in Castile. It was used as fortress and was at one time a strategic military centre. The keep (the largest tower of the castle) contained part of the archives of the crown during the reigns of Enrique IV and Juana I and also it was used as a prison of the state, where Cesare Borgia and Hernando Pizarro were imprisoned.

The castle has a trapezoid floor plan. It’s made up of two great walls – one outside (barbican, full of underground shooting galleries) and one inside- and a wide parade ground. The coat of arms of the Catholic Monarchs of the year 1483 is visible above the arch of the main gate. The keep is 130ft high (more than 40m). The chapel of Santa Maria del Castillo is on the ground floor. Inside, there are interesting works of art such as the Hispano-Flemish triptych and a beautiful ivory crucifix of the 17th century. A large-scale copy of a map of 1500, by Juan de la Cosa, can be seen in another room.

Some important renovation and reconstruction works were done during the first half of the 20th century to make the castle look like new. In 1942, during Franco´s dictatorship, it was used as a training school for the Feminine Section and since 1984 it has been under the control of the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León (the regional government).

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The medieval fortress in Medina del Campo, Valladolid (España)

How to visit the Castle?


The ground floor of the castle can be visited without a guide and for free, including the inner ward, the courtyard, the chapel and Juan de la Cosa's hall (a room with audiovisual devices and pannels with information).


This includes a visit to the sites of the Iron Age, the XII century city walls, the exterior of the castle, shooting underground galleries, the dungeon, the courtyard and the chapel. The duration is one hour.

Price: 4,00 €; 3,00 € (over 65 years old, younger than 26 years old. Groups with more than 25 people and unemployed); 2,50 €: younger than 18 years old. Free younger than 3 years old.


This includes the climb up the staircase, Great Hall, two rooms inside the keep and roof. The visit lasts 45 minutes. 
The historical celebrities of the castle will be explained during the tour (Cesar Borgia, Juana the 1st).

Price: 4,00 € visiting only the keep. 2,00 €  with tour “general”. Theatrical tour 6,00 €. Free younger than 3 years old. Not recommended for children under 3 years.


Visit and explanation with the audio guide (available in Spanish, English and French) of the Iron Age archaeological site, the medieval city walls, the surrounding area of the castje, the court yard and the chapel. (The visits to the underground shooting corridors, the first floor and the tower are not included).

To rent the audio guide the ID or Passport are required.

Duration: around 1 hour.

Price: 3,50 €/audio guide.


(The Fortress opens at 11:00 h)

Opening hours



  • From Tuesday to Saturday: 10,00h-14,00h and 15,45h-19,00h.
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: 10,00h-14,30h.


  • From Tuesday to Saturday10,00h-14,00h and 15,45h-18,00h.
  • Sundays and Public Holidays: 10,00h-14,30h.


Guided tour is not available on Mondays except bank holidays.

Information of interest

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

From Tuesday to Saturday:  Mornings: 10:00 h. – 14:00 h. Afternoons: 15:45 h. – 19:00 h.  (Winter:  Mornings: 10:00 h. – 14:00 h. Afternoons: 15:45 h. –18 hrs.). 
Sundays and Public Holidays: 10h. – 14:30 h.
Guided tour is not available on Mondays except bank holidays.



"General" Guided Tour (without the keep) Price: 4,00€; Reduced tickets: 3,00€; 2,50€; Free younger than 3 years old

Guided Tour of the keep Price: 4,00€ (only the keep); 2,00€  with tour “general”. Theatrical tour 6,00€; Free younger than 3 years old

Audioguide Price: 3,50€

Information and reservations

Information and reservations

Phone: +34 983 81 27 24 / +34 983 81 00 63

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Avenida del Castillo s/n, Medina del Campo (Valladolid). C.P. 47400



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